Benefits of Blood Donors

21 Sep

Blood donation is the process of donating your blood voluntarily to be given to someone who needs it by means of blood transfusion. This is certainly a positive thing because it can help the soul of someone in need. But it is not only beneficial for recipients, donors can also benefit from it. Then what are the benefits of blood donation for health? Here’s the review.

1. Helps Lose Weight
The first benefit of blood donation for health is that it can help you lose weight. Where donors who regularly donate their blood can experience significant weight loss. This is because donating 450 ml of blood can burn about 650 calories for adults.

2. Prevent Cancer
You can reduce excess iron levels in the body by donating blood. Where excess iron can be one of the causes of increased free radical damage in the body which can be a risk factor for cancer and premature aging.
As in a study involving 2 groups with a total of 1200 people showing, which showed that the group that donated blood twice a year had lower blood iron levels and a lower risk of cancer compared to the group that did not do
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Maintaining Health in the Rainy Season

22 Jul

At this time in Indonesia has entered the rainy season. The days of rain often lasted long enough, even in some areas to cause flooding. The arrival of the rainy season is a risk factor for disease occurrence. Some types of disease increase when the rainy season arrives. We should be able to maintain health to stay healthy during the rainy season.

Beware of Diseases in the Rainy Season
There are a number of diseases that increase in incidence during the rainy season. Diseases that need to be followed include infectious diseases such as respiratory tract infections, influenza, diarrhea, and skin diseases that can attack anyone. In addition, areas affected by flooding need to be aware of the onset of leptospirosis. While the disease that must be watched after the rain is dengue fever which may be caused by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes that nest from the remains of rainwater puddles. In the rainy season, fungal diseases often arise which are mainly caused by moisture in clothes. In addition to infectious diseases, there are also non-communicable diseases that often worsen with rainy and cold weather such as asthma, rhinitis, and other chronic diseases.

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How To Turn Your Mental Life Around

14 Jun

At some point in life, many people will wake up and realize that their mind plays an integral role in determining key factors like their weight, who they interact with, how successful they become on the job, and whether they positively contribute to the lives of others. However, not everyone takes the time to implement strategies that will keep their mind in optimal condition. Yet you can. Below you’ll find several strategies you can implement to turn your mental life around so that your mind becomes the entity that you use to make good things happen for yourself and others:



1. Begin Implementing Mindfulness Strategies.

If you’re serious about turning your mental life around, make sure that you begin implementing mindfulness strategies. These strategies are important because they will make you more familiar with your normative cognitive processes. In essence, mindfulness strategies enable you to study your own mind so you can determine which types of cognitive shifts need to be made so that you can begin to think in a manner that is conducive to productivity, progress, and positivity.

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