I Can Not Get Enough Sleep

14 Apr

I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately and it is beginning to really interfere with my waking life. I used to be able to take a Tylenol PM and sleep rather soundly, although it did not always last the entire night. Obviously sleeping well is important for all other aspects of your life and I want to find a safe solution. My friend was talking about buying sedatives, he claimed that he could buy diazepam with paypal on the internet. Of course I happen to know that you certainly can not do this if paypal knows about it. They are really determined to prevent their services being used by all sorts of businesses which are operating on both sides of the law. They do not seem to want their service to be used for porn for example, although it has little to do with the porn as a moral or legal issue.

Instead they say that there are a lot of what is called chargebacks in this industry. That simply means that the charges are disputed. A lot of the time that means that you have people steal credit card numbers and use them to charge for porn. Obviously a lot of the time there are people who get caught and then swear before God and their wives. Of course this is buying a strong controlled substance, or at least one which is not going to be available without a prescription. I do not see how paypal is going to go along with that sort of thing. It is just not the sort of organization which tolerates anything which is in any way sketchy or vaguely illegal. Of course there are lots of other payment services which are quite willing to do whatever they think that they can get away with.