Rewarding Employees For Jobs Well Done

01 Jul

Each year our firm tries to congratulate to employees for attaining a career milestone.  Traditionally people were given symbolic signs of accomplishment, like gold watches or plaques.  But ours tries to reward significant accomplishment with travel venues as a present.  Our firm uses a creative approach by awarding trips to deserving employees. They give an “all-expenses paid employee travel week” to the staff member.  This includes a week off plus an expense-paid trip to the location in the U.S. of his or her choice.  The firm foots the bill for the entire trip, including lodging, food, travel expenses and entertainment.  They get rooms at a resort hotel – with all meals, entertainment and services covered – and daily decorations with new assortments of Edible Arrangement decorations for the employee and family to enjoy.

This is a unique and well appreciated treat that all staff members enjoy recalling for years.  Some have stayed at traditional family locales like Disneyland or Historic Williamsburg.  Others opted for the excitement of Las Vegas or New York, still others chose the nature of the Poconos, Smokies or seacoast.  The arrangements are made by the company finance officer, who takes advantage of Groupon promo codes to make the arrangements well in advance of the desired date.  The desired location is given all the details – even to the ages of any children who might accompany the honoree.  And they are also advised of the types of preferred activities and entertainment to provide.

Using Groupons for these arrangements enables us to work with the best recognized hoteliers and travel arrangement firms so that we are certain the employee will enjoy the expression of thanks these awards represent from both the firm, its clientele, and the staff who appreciate the contributions made by the honoree.  And they help assure access to special events, activities and entertainment venues.  For example, an honoree can arrange for his entire family to visit a major theme park or entertainment as a single special group.  They can schedule meals at the finest restaurants, as well as tours and visits to sights and activities.  These are all included in the travel itinerary given to the honoree.  The honoree need only be sure their bags are packed and they are ready to enjoy their trip.