How To Turn Your Mental Life Around

14 Jun

At some point in life, many people will wake up and realize that their mind plays an integral role in determining key factors like their weight, who they interact with, how successful they become on the job, and whether they positively contribute to the lives of others. However, not everyone takes the time to implement strategies that will keep their mind in optimal condition. Yet you can. Below you’ll find several strategies you can implement to turn your mental life around so that your mind becomes the entity that you use to make good things happen for yourself and others:



1. Begin Implementing Mindfulness Strategies.

If you’re serious about turning your mental life around, make sure that you begin implementing mindfulness strategies. These strategies are important because they will make you more familiar with your normative cognitive processes. In essence, mindfulness strategies enable you to study your own mind so you can determine which types of cognitive shifts need to be made so that you can begin to think in a manner that is conducive to productivity, progress, and positivity.

One of the most powerful mindfulness techniques available to humans is meditation. By sitting in silence and stillness for an extended period of time, you can begin to identify and uproot any thinking patterns that stand in direct contradiction to your belief system, values, goals, etc. For example, one popular catchphrases that is relatively primary in the consciousness of many people is “I’m looking out for number one.” You don’t necessarily need to have an internal monologue in which you categorize this thought/praxis as “wrong” or “right.” Simply identify whether you’re attempting to cultivate a lifestyle in which your needs and wants are always more important to you than those of other people. If the answer is yes, you’ll need to direct your mind in certain ways to cultivate the type of actions and attitudes which ensure that you can always take care of yourself without having to make the desires and demands of others integral to your life. If the answer is no and you believe that leading a meaningful life can and should involve ongoing interactions with others in a community predicated on group values, you’ll need to train your mind in a completely different way.

One thing to think about when you begin considering the realm of mindfulness is the role that mindful eating can play in helping you become a healthier, happier individual. You can use a website such as the Mindful Living Network to gain a deeper understanding of habits you can cultivate to ensure that you’re eating in a manner that is conducive to your mental and physical well-being.


2. Cultivate Healthy Relationships.

It’s no big secret that the people around you play a profound role in shaping and/or influencing the substance and scope of your thought life. Therefore, the cultivation of healthy relationships must be at the top of the to do list for any individual who is serious about maintaining a mental life conducive to productivity and positivity. Unfortunately, many people leave this aspect of their lives to chance. Thus rather than approaching the realm of friendship formation in a systematic, orderly manner, they regularly interact with people in a random way. If you don’t think twice about who you’re sitting down to dinner with or which person you’re inviting out on a hike with you, know that your mind will likely be in a state of constant flux because you’re not continually interacting with people who have similar values and goals.

Luckily, individuals who want to cultivate healthy relationships that are conducive to mental wellness and the realization of personal goals can do so. There are many systems you can implement to make this happen. One is simply being yourself and allowing yourself to freely enter environments and participate in activities that bring you a deep sense of joy, peace, progress, etc. For example, if you love hiking, joining a hiking club is a great way to interact with other individuals who are passionate about the active lifestyle. Within this setting, you may meet individuals who become lifelong friends or the person who functions as a source of motivation and encouragement when you are going through a difficult period in life.



If you’re serious about turning your mental life around so that you’re constantly thinking and acting in ways that are conducive to your personal progress and professional productivity, now is the time to begin your journey. Two strategies you can implement to get the mental optimization process underway immediately are outlined above. Start making these behaviors a normative element of your daily existence so you can begin to lead the exemplary, productive life that you deserve and desire.