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09 Sep

getting pregnantHi there, we’re Chris & Susan, and for the longest time, we could not get pregnant. Birth control drugs are great and it is fantastic to have control over our own future. Its such a journey we ladies need to go on. I had an exquisite baby, no issues, at 38. Fell pregnant almost immediately. Women listen to your our bodies…in the event you’re not pregnant one thing is fallacious…however DO NOT BELIEVE IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!

The pills work finest when you take one at about the identical time on daily basis (this is especially important for the ‘mini’ tablet). When you have unprotected intercourse and then realize you skipped a pill or two, you can take emergency contraception, reminiscent of Plan B. You possibly can take this for up to five days after you’ve had unprotected intercourse.

I’ve been using the pull out methodology for 7 years and it has been 100 percent effective for me. To me that means the pre sperm are usually not stronger and the man simply must be good about getting out in time. Someplace I m getting lill hopeful that there might be an opportunity, however all of the signs r telling cycle wll start shortly !!

I definitely don’t need to get pregnant as I’ve simply had a baby (now 5 months and deliberate!). I learn your article and all of your feedback above and found them extraordinarily helpful as I am getting married in a few months and we don’t want a toddler for first few yrs.

Dee, I positively don’t assume that these signs are in individuals’s heads however what does occur, and I have seen this rather a lot is that as soon as girls begin attempting to get pregnant they pay rather more attention to things which are happening to their bodies.